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No.3 河伯的新娘 - Hebo's Bride [读故事.学汉语 - Chinese Short Stories]

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Today, I'm going to read a story called "河伯的新娘 - Hebo's Bride". It happened around 400 BC, during the Warring States Period of ancient China. It tells of a government minister, Ximen Bao, who abolished the bridal sacrifice for the River God. This story was also selected into the 4th grade Chinese textbook.

  1. bào leopard | panther
  2. zhāng Zhang river
  3.  the county of Ye
  4.  overgrown with weeds
  5. shēn member of gentry
  6. yān to flood | to submerge
  7. hàn drought
  8. chóu silk | silk fabric
  9. cuī to urge | to press | to hurry
  10. gōng respectful | polite
  11. guì to kneel
  12.  to knock (against something hard)
  13. ráo to forgive | to have mercy on | to pardon
  14. tǎng to flow down | to drip | to shed
  15. záo to dig | to chisel
  16.  canal | channel | ditch
  17. guàn to irrigate | to pour in | to fill
  18. gài to water | to supply with water | to irrigate

  1. 魏文侯 Wèiwénhóu Marquess Wen of Wei (reigned 445–396 BCE)
  2. 西门豹 Xīmén BàoXimen Bao (a government minister and court advisor to Marquess Wen of Wei)
  3. 漳河 Zhānghé the Zhang River
  4. 荒芜 huāngwú barren | overgrown with underbrush
  5. 人烟稀少 rényānxīshǎo be sparsely populated
  6. 德高望重 dégāowàngzhòng well respected | have a high virtue and a glorious name
  7. 缘故 yuángù cause | reason
  8. 官绅 guānshēn official and gentry
  9. 办喜事 bànxǐshì manage a wedding
  10. 巫婆 wūpó witch | sorceress
  11. 小户人家 xiǎohùrénjiā humble family
  12. 新娘 xīnniáng bride
  13. 床席 chuángxí bed and mat
  14. 旱灾 hànzāi drought
  15. 娶亲 qǔqīn get married
  16. 媳妇 xífù wife | son's wife | daughter-in-law
  17. 老百姓 lǎobǎixìng folk(s) | common people | ordinary people | civilians
  18. 卫士 wèishì bodyguard
  19. 徒弟 túdi apprentice | disciple
  20. 麻烦 máfan trouble | troublesome
  21. 头子 tóuzi chief | chieftain | boss
  22. 恭敬 gōngjìng respectful | with great respect
  23. 提心吊胆 tíxīndiàodǎn be very scared and on edge | be always on tenterhooks
  24. 磕头 kētóu kowtow
  25. 求饶 qiúráo beg for mercy | beg for one's life | ask for pardon
  26. 开凿 kāizáo dig; cut; cutting
  27. 水渠 shuǐqú water channel | ditch | canal
  28. 庄稼 zhuāngjia farm crop | crops
  29. 灌溉 guàngài irrigate | irrigation | watering
  30. 收成 shōucheng crop | harvest
  1. 战国时,魏文侯派西门豹去管理漳河边上的邺。
    During the Warring States Period, Marquess Wen of Wei appointed Ximen Bao to govern the county of Ye by the Zhang River.
    魏文侯 Marquess Wen of Wei (reigned 445–396 BCE)
  2. 老百姓苦于为河伯娶妇。
    The common people here are struggling to provide a bride for He Bo, the River God.
    苦于 [kǔ yú] suffer from a disadvantage or trouble
  3. 因为这个缘故,我们这儿很穷。
    For this reason, we are very poor here.
    因为这个缘故: for this reason
  4. 多的钱官绅就跟巫婆分了。
    The rest of the money was divided among the witch, officials and gentries.
  5. 他们把那种嫁女时用的床席放在河边
    They put the wedding bed by the river bank.
    嫁女时用的床席: In ancient China, the marital bed and mat were usually provided by the bride's family.
  6. 所以有女儿的人家大多逃到外地去了
    Therefore, most families with daughters fled to other places.
    外地 [wài dì] other places | nonlocal
  7. 据说,要是不给河伯送女孩儿,漳河就要发大水,把田地全淹了。
    It is said that if the girl is not sacrificed to He Bo, the Zhang River would flood the fields.
    据说 [jùshuō] it is said | they say
    要是 [yàoshi] if | suppose | in case
  8. 那漳河发过大水吗?
    Has the Zhang river flooded before?
    那(used as a conjunction)= 那么: then | in that case
  9. 倒是夏天雨水少,年年闹旱灾。
    However, there is little rain in summer, and drought occurs every year.
    倒是: on the contrary | actually
    年年: every year | year after year (Reduplication of Measure Word)
  10. 这样说来,河伯还真是灵啊。
    He Bo is a truly effective God, so to speak.
    这样说来: so to speak
  11. 我也去送送新娘。
    I will go to see off the bride.
    送送: Verb + Verb (a verb reduplication pattern)
  12. 到了河伯娶媳妇的日子,漳河边上站满了老百姓。
    On the day of He Bo's wedding, there were many people standing by the Zhang River.
    娶媳妇: to take a wife
  13. 身后跟着十来个穿着绸衣的女徒弟
    followed by a dozen of female apprentices in silk clothes
    十来个: ten or so | a dozen of
    来 can be used after numerals such as "十, 百, 千" to express approximate numbers.
  14. 把新娘领来让我看看。
    bring the bride to me
    看看: take a look (Verb Reduplication)
  15. 麻烦你去跟河伯说一声
    Please go and take a message to He Bo
    麻烦: Please | Would you please……? (asking others to do things)
  16. 他叫卫士架起巫婆,把她投进了漳河。
    He asked the guards to pick up the witch and throw her into the Zhang river.
  17. 巫婆怎么还不回来,麻烦你去催一催吧。
    Why hasn't the witch come back? Please go to hurry her up.
    催一催: Verb+一+Verb (one of Verb Reduplication Patterns)
  18. 西门豹恭敬地面对漳河站了很久。
    Facing the river, Ximen Bao stood respectfully for a long time.
  19. 那些官绅都提心吊胆,大气也不敢出。
    Those officials and gentries were in great terror and held their breath.
  20. 又要叫卫士把他们扔下漳河去。
    (He) wanted to ask the guards to throw them into the river.
    要: want to | wish to
    叫: ask | order
  21. 一个个吓得跪下来磕头求饶
    One by one, they knelt down and kowtowed in fright, begging for mercy.
    一个个: (Reduplication of Measure Word)
  22. 看样子是河伯把他们留下了
    It looks like that He Bo had let them stay there.
    看样子: it looks as if
  23. 巫婆和官绅是在骗钱害人。
    The witch, officials and gentries cheated and hurt people for money.
  24. 从此,没人再敢为河伯娶妇,漳河也没有发过大水。
    From then on, no one dared to do bridal sacrifice for the River God again. And the Zhang river never flooded.
    从此: from this time on | from then on | henceforth
  25. 年年都有好收成
    have a good harvest every year
    年年:(每年) every year | year after year (Reduplication of Measure Word)

B.👎不相信。邺常有旱灾,河伯的传说是骗钱害人的。西门豹是在说反语。(反语 [fǎnyǔ] irony | antiphrasis)